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* Do you know what the Domain Name System is?

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Domain Name System, or DNS, is a critical Internet component. Paul Mockapetris invented it in 1980. Previously, in order to access a website, you had to enter its IP address. Because this process is time-consuming and we can't remember every single IP address, Paul devised the DNS system. It is still the internet's backbone today.

The Domain Name System is a global naming database that translates Internet domain names into IP addresses (Internet Protocol). It is a decentralized multi-level hierarchical system. Because of this technology, humans no longer need to remember long and complicated Internet Protocols (for example, in order to access and explore every website. Instead, visitors can enter the domain name directly into their browser and navigate to their desired web page.

DNS is a complex of different elements without which it would not exist. Some of them are:

  • Domain namespace
  • DNS servers
  • DNS query

The Domain Name System is at the core of our easy and fast website access. We suggest you check out the following page, if you're interested in learning more about what a Domain Name System is.